Riley Mayhem


Riley Mayhem was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She made her own method of creating Paper Portraits during her sophomore year of high school by utilizing Photoshop, paper, and adhesive. While she has been creating Paper Portraits for 12 years now (mostly as gifts for others), it was not until October '17 that she realized there were people interested in buying her work. Since then she has opened herself up to doing commissions and has been in art shows around Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find her artist resume here.


I enjoy the creative process and hyper-focused tunnel vision I have with my paper and Exacto knife. Every curve and cut gives this two dimensional material a certain kind of familiarity recognized by anyone. I love how something seemingly so flat and unvarying can have so much depth and variation. But what enthralls me the most is that cutting out parts of the most basic material will forge something completely new; for it is absence you are seeing more than anything else. It is layers and layers of different kinds of absence that creates these paper portraits.

I hope you too will revel in these absences with me, for it is often the things unseen that help give shape and life to what you see before you.

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